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T-Bone Mendez's Ghost is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


During the GTA San Andreas storyline, Carl Johnson seeks revenge on T-Bone Mendez and an old friend turned rival, Ryder Johnson. With the help of Cesar, CJ tracks down a meeting between Ryder and Mendez in Pier 69, San Fierro. Carl Johnson then murders both Ryder and Mendez, though Ryder is murdered in the waters along Pier 69 while T-Bone Mendez was assassinated exactly in Pier 69. Decades after the game was released, rumors began to arise regarding the ghost of T-Bone Mendez. The myth primarily spread on YouTube videos[1] posted in the game's Russian communities. These videos were created by a user named dimon_gta and posted to various modding websites[2] to be downloaded. Hence, the original videos for this myth can just be considered advertisements for the author's mod, and not a genuine myth hunting video. The lack of serious investigations puts the validity of the myth into jeopardy.

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