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The Sunken SUV is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


In 2015 a video was uploaded on YouTube, showing a player driving a submarine in the ocean. Suddenly the player notices a strange SUV being sunken in the bottom of the ocean. The vehicle appears to be a Rancher, however upon a more closer inspection it looks like a damaged Police Rancher. The player then drives around the SUV but drives away a few moments later. The video later ends.

The appearance of the SUV is very peculiar since it looks like almost identical to the Police Rancher that only appears in North Yankton. Some users in the comments pointed out that the vehicle lacks the sirens of the Police Rancher, and said that the video was probably fake, however the vehicle lacks its wheels, something that would be difficult for the player to do, since it is very difficult to take the wheels of a vehicle in GTA V and then put it in the ocean.

Some other users said that the vehicle could have been a result of the Strange Collisions glitch which may cause North Yankton to not un-load completely, and may cause vehicles that didn't un-load in time to fall in the ocean. Due to the low quality of the video it is not clear whether the vehicle is a Police Rancher or not, but from it's color it appears to be either a Snowy Rancher or a Police Rancher.

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