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The Sunken SUV is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


In 2015 a video (now removed) was uploaded on YouTube, showing a player driving a submarine in the ocean. Suddenly the player notices a strange SUV being sunk in the bottom of the ocean. The vehicle appears to be a Rancher, however upon more closer inspection it looks like a damaged version of its police variant from North Yankton. The player then drives around the SUV but drives away a few moments later. The video later ends.

The appearance of the SUV is very peculiar since it looks like almost identical to the Police Rancher that only appears in North Yankton. Some users in the comments pointed out that the vehicle lacks the sirens of the Police Rancher, stating that the vehicle was probably faked or a mod - however as the vehicle lacks its tires and was found in a deep portion of the game's ocean, it means that the player could not have driven it that far in the ocean and even if a mod was used to spawn the Police Rancher and dump it, the time needed for the player to obtain the sumbarine and go back to the spot that they dumped the car would have been enough for it to despawn.

Other users speculated that the vehicle could have been a result of the Strange Collisions phenomenon - a glitch in GTA V which causes the collisions and pathway from North Yankton to still remain even though the textures of the map would have despawn (effectively making North Yankton invisbile but NOT despawned) and that the vehicle was a Police Rancher that somehow did not despawned in time and fell in the ocean (although that does not explain the damage sustained to the vehicle).

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