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For the myth in GTA III, see Suicidal Pedestrians (GTA III).
For the myth in GTA Vice City, see Suicidal Pedestrians (GTA Vice City).
For the myth in GTA San Andreas, see Suicidal Pedestrians (GTA SA).

Suicidal Pedestrians is a myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Vice Point Mall

If the player goes inside the Vice Point Mall and begins opening fire, causing pedestrians to panic, and quickly heads back outside, they can see one or two pedestrians jumping off from the roof of the Mall, but the fall will not kill them. This can most likely be considered a spawn glitch being pedestrians scared of Vic's gunfire who spawned on top of the roof, and, in their panic mode, ran off.

Ducum Inn

While suicidal pedestrians cannot naturally be seen killing themselves, there is a morbid Easter egg at the Ducum Inn that can prove otherwise. Behind the building is a large swimming pool that would be used by patrons, as well as three large diving boards, the tallest of which goes up many yards. The suicidal Easter egg comes in when one takes into consideration that the deepest point of the pool is about as high as Vic's shins, and cannot be more than one foot deep. A jump from the tallest diving board would realistically result in a broken bone, and if the diver hits their head, death.

Van Khoff at the Beach

Suicidal pedestrians are also rumored to appear at the beach located behind the Van Khoff hotel. Unlike the other types of suicidal pedestrians in VCS, it appears that the Van Khoff pedestrians just drop dead in the sand for no reason. However, this is most likely a simple glitch as well. The area where the suicidal pedestrians occur is also notorious for spawn bugs such as pedestrians spawning halfway in the sand, and pedestrians having strange characteristics. This behavior of dead pedestrians can probably be explained as the pedestrian walking onto two different parts of the level's geometry, same with the spawn bugs, which in the game's physics engine acts like a crusher and kills them nearly instantly due to their low health.

A more nefarious theory, known as the Zone of Silence, claims that the deaths in the area are caused by paranormal activity.


Main article: The Roof

The most notorious and well-known case of documented suicides in VCS comes from an unnamed building in Downtown Vice City, near the Skumole Shack. On the back entrance of the exterior is a staircase with a buggy texture, that while strange looking, actually fully supports pedestrians as they spawn walking on and around the staircase. However, on the roof, things get more strange. When the player walks up the staircase themselves, a pedestrian will spawn very close to Vic and immediately die. As with the Van Khoff suicides, this is most likely a glitch in the level's geometry that crushes a mis-spawned pedestrian to death.



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