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Subways are a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The stations in Algonquin are the only underground subways found in the game with the small exception of a tunnel coming out of Bohan. Subways can also be accessed directly from the streets through a stairway leading underground surrounded by cast iron grills with lampposts attached in the corners, depicting a subway entrance. Another way to get to the subways is by simply walking along the rails from a surface station.

The subways have been the most popular myth hunting location in the game since its release. The complex structure of the subways has attracted the interest of myth hunters. This led to the rise of the game's most perplexing myth, the Ratman. The lore of Ratman flooded the internet with fan fiction stories and myth hunting videos on YouTube, with myth hunters spending whole days investigating them to find the truth behind the myth, which still remains unconfirmed to this day.


Many reports are present on the web, each describing its own peculiar sighting, thus contributing to the perplexity of the myth. However, some locations are more notable than others, due to the intensity of sightings in them as compared to others.

Major Locations