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For the myth in GTA III, see Street Criminals (GTA III).
For the myth in GTA San Andreas, see Street Criminals (GTA SA).

Street Criminals are NPC's that are programmed to commit crimes. They create a more "complete" environment in the city by simulating typical street crimes making the game more realistic and brutal.


Like in previous GTA games, there are three varieties of street criminals in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. A black man, wearing a black leather jacket, blue jeans, white sneakers, and black gloves. A white man, wearing a brown leather jacket, blue jeans, and black shoes. The last one, the rarest of the three, is a Hispanic man, wearing a red leather jacket, black pants with red leather stripes, black shoes, and a black hat.

The first two resemblances to Sharks, although with cleaner attire. They can often be seen in groups at North Point Mall at night, in and outside the mall, except for the Hispanic man. They really don't rob people of their money but steal any civilian vehicle they can access, including ambulances and the player's vehicle. They will not attempt to steal motorcycles, scooters, gang cars, and law enforcement vehicles, apart from Rhino and Fire Truck.

They might even commandeer a Maverick or another helicopter if the player lands one near them or waits long enough for one of them to notice the aircraft. However, unlike later GTA games, they won't fly away. Instead, they will drift forwards along the road with the rotor blades spinning, which becomes a safety hazard since those blades will instantly kill anyone, including the player. That is due to the game's engine failing to implement proper AI for NPC's flying helicopters outside of missions.

However, if a police officer sees them carjacking or just walking in general, they will attempt to stop them. The player is rewarded $50 for the "Good Citizen Bonus" if they choose to help the officer. There is a glitch where the player can repeatedly stomp on the criminal, receiving a $50 bonus until the body disappears, even if the criminal is dead. That only applies if the player uses their fists or a melee weapon. If the player discharges firearms under any circumstances near a cop, they will receive a star on their Wanted Level.

Street Criminals often enter the Washington Beach Police Station and get shot by the police officers. Members of the Patrol Invest Group also don't take kindly to them and sometimes try to shoot the street criminals, but only if criminals attack them first.

Up to three cops pursue against one street criminal or more. Until the protagonist Tommy Vercetti, commits a hostile action near an officer pursuing street criminals, the cops will immediately turn against Vercetti instead. S.W.A.T, FBI, or even the army will also pursue those criminals. In fact, all law enforcement in Vice City will pursue them, similar to gang members.