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The Strange Woman, marked as OFYST in the files, is a strange pedestrian encountered in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Strange Woman is a young woman of Asian descent with long black hair and brown eyes. She wears a pale yellow spaghetti-string top, a denim blue skirt, and brown shoes. On her left arm, she wears a long pink arm warmer, while on her right arm, a shorter pink wristband. She also wears pink legwarmers of the same color on both of her legs.

As she is set to be part of the "Street" pedestrians, the Strange Woman can be found mainly around middle-class and low-class areas of the city, with examples including Glen Park and Rockshore East, and is marked to appear mainly around Los Santos and Las Venturas, only rarely spawning in San Fierro due to having a counterpart pedestrian.

Although she appears to be normal upon first sight, the pedestrian's true colors can easily be seen if the player provokes her or stalks the pedestrian for a considerably long time, where she is revealed to be suicidal and possibly depressed. She also asks the player to beat her to death, as they are "doing [her] a favor" and even asks to "do that again." She also strangely makes claims about the government controlling her, which has also spread claims that this woman is an alien.


The Strange Woman is most likely a reference to the then-popular emo/gothic phase of the 1990s, which would eventually spread into the early 2000s. This is evident by her claims of wrist-slitting, self-hatred, depression, and her approval of being hurt. It could also be a satire of nihilism, since nihilists doubt the meaning of life and tend to display anti-social behavior.


  • "I’m just waiting for my therapy appointment."
  • "The government thinks I'm at class."
  • "This is one of the only places that they can’t watch you."
  • "Aliens are talking to me on my car radio."
  • "The government puts implants in our necks."
  • "My car moves itself while I go shopping."
  • "I’ve thought about slitting my wrists."
  • "My shrink says its good to talk to strangers."
  • "I'm trying to start a band."
  • "I'm taking you to hell with me."
  • "Hit me! You'll be doing me a favor!"
  • "Hey--- um, do that again!"
  • "My shrink said I need to assert myself!"
  • "Now this is different!"
  • "Interesting!"
  • "Pills. Gotta find my pills."
  • "Ohhh, I'm gonna have a seizure."
  • "I have a heart condition."
  • "Who sent you?"
  • "I had a dream about this last night."
  • "My car’s my only friend."
  • "UFOs are easier to follow than that."
  • "I was going to commit suicide this morning."
  • "Do you have something for a… headache?"
  • "My scripts just ran out."
  • "Do you guys have sleeping pills and razors?"
  • "These should come in black, all in black."