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For the myth in GTA III, see Strange Noises (GTA III).
For the myth in GTA Vice City, see Strange Noises (GTA Vice City).

Strange Noises is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Strange Noises are discussed on Area 53, a radio show in GTA San Andreas.

Marvin Trill: Hector in San Garcia, why are you still listening?
Hector: Because I was hoping you could explain these noises.
Marvin Trill: What noises?
Hector: God, not you too.

The nature of the conversation is vague and hard to determine but some analyses have been put forward. One of the analyses speaks that Hector was experiencing hallucinations and as a result heard strange noises. Another explanation is that Hector could be complaining to one of the radio stations about Marvin Trill's station and accidentally called to Trill's radio show, only to show remorse.