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The Strange Mirror is a glitch in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This glitch can be found in all of the in-game safehouses, barbershops, and tattoo parlors. The mirror in the Johnson House is often said to be possessed by Bloody Mary.


Johnson House

The mirror in the wardrobe of the Johnson House has very buggy collision detection, and there are many occurrences that will happen. Most of the time any projectile (Molotov, RPG, grenade, etc) will simply go right through and disappear. It is also common that any projectile will cause the wall to catch on fire, but the impact will still not harm the player. To do this glitch the player needs to do the following steps:

  • Get a rocket launcher, grenade, Molotov, or tear gas, and go into a safehouse wardrobe.
  • Go as close to the mirror as you can and shoot a rocket, or throw a projectile.

Barber Shops and Tattoo Parlors

There are also strange mirrors found within minor shops within the game.

In Idlewood, both Reece's hair salon and the tattoo parlor have mirrors that look relatively normal. If the player zooms in with a camera, however, they will see a few arcade machines spawn in and a few pedestrians walking around the area. This glitch can be seen easier in the tattoo parlor.

Inside the tattoo parlor in Las Venturas, the player can see the interior of the sex shop used in Key to Her Heart.


There is a simple explanation for the cause of this myth. All interiors of San Andreas are located in the Hidden Interiors Universe, and they can be seen from the mirrors. In most cases, this does not mean anything, but if there is something that spawns in the hidden interior universe, it can be seen.


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