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For the myth in GTA Vice City, see Storm Drains (GTA Vice City).
For the myth in GTA San Andreas, see Storm Drains (GTA SA).

Storm Drains are a myth location in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Los Santos Storm Drain, also known as the LS River or the LS Canal, is a large storm drain that runs throughout Los Santos, allowing waste and sewage to flow into the Pacific Ocean. It appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online and is based on the Los Angeles River.

Main River​[]

Like the real world river it is based on, the LS River starts off as a natural water feature from its origins in the Tatavian Mountains to the north of the Land Act Reservoir. The river is dammed at the Land Act Dam to form the reservoir and then flows down the mountain to the source of the canal structure in East Vinewood. From there on, it is contained entirely within concrete canals. The LS Storm Drain is very large in comparison to its predecessor. The canal features more access tunnels and is much longer and more detailed. It flows north-south through East Vinewood, past Downtown Los Santos by Textile City, forms the border between South Los Santos and East Los Santos where it merges at La Mesa with a second unnamed river that has its own source to the east and from there it flows into the Pacific Ocean at the Port of Los Santos between Cypress Flats and Elysian Island.

Eastern Tributary[]

The secondary river that joins at La Mesa has its own source in Murrieta Heights. The small creek forms at the southern edge of the Tatavian Mountains in front of an overpass of the Palomino Freeway. The creek forms a small pool and flows through flood control gate structures into concrete channels. There are several maintenance crews here along with several pieces of flood control machinery. It flows in a northeast-southwest direction to its confluence point with the main river. Also there are couple of signs and one strange graffiti.

Southern Drain[]

There is a second storm drain also referred to as the Los Santos Storm Drain. The smaller storm drain canal has no natural source and flows from the Port, just west of the main river mouth in a southeast-northwest direction between La Puerta and South Los Santos parallel to Grove Street before ending in Vespucci, where it flows directly out into the Pacific Ocean. The smaller canal probably gets its water from stormwater and sewage pipes with the main one seen at La Puerta.