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Steve vs. Bill is a segment of the radio show Electron Zone Radio on LCFR, present on a real-life website which serves as an advertisement for Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It serves as an Easter egg.


On the show, Steve and Bill are guest stars who both use different operating systems; Steve uses "Fruits" and Bill uses "TOS." The two characters are based on Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Similarly, "Fruits" is a reference to Apple and "TOS" is a reference to WOS, the Windows Operating System. On the same radio station, there is a reference to something called Imooga's Jiz Drive, which was also advertised on Head Radio in Grand Theft Auto 2. This itself is a reference to the real-life Iomega Zip Drive. The name is likely a pun on the slang term "jizz." On the website, there are several references to Adult Humor that are present.

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