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Steve Scott, also known as Steven Scott, is a mythical character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.  


Steve Scott is a chick flick director, mainly working at InterGlobal Studios. Steven Scott is based on famed movie director Steven Spielberg. As witnessed from the cutscenes, Scott is attracted to the idea of featuring Giant Sharks, Aliens, and "Nympho-invaders" in his subsequent movies. He goes on to direct Closer Encounters and Bite, much like the Spielberg's Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Jaws. Scott includes bizarre props for these movies, such as the UFO and Giant Shark prop.

He shows an unnatural obsession with Giant Sharks, phallic mountains, and mountains of mashed potatoes, further mentioned in his criminal record (VCPD Crime Tree.) Over the years, Scott's character has developed as the originator of the Megalodon and UFO myths in the game.