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The Spitz Zombie Series are several zombie genre movies appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, directed by Spitz.


The Zombie genre relatively falls in the z-list category of Vice City movies but still holds a solid fan following. These movies are funded and produced at InterGlobal Studios. Chronologically, the first movie of the series was, Mall Munchers, that was in the works from 1984 and is directed by Spitz.

The movie was shot around various places in Vice City. One of these scenes, were shot in North Point Mall (then known as Vice Point Mall,) when Lance Vance accompanied with Vic Vance, headed towards to the mall during the mission Brawn of the Dead. Spitz has one of his stuntmen missing, and got Vic to fill their place. The objective of the mission, deals with a zombie killing spree before the gore meter hits the limit and to stop the zombies from accessing a record store.

This mission is likely a reference to the cult film Dawn of the Dead by George Romero. Surprisingly, Dawn of the Dead was based in a mall, whereas, Brawn of the Dead deals with the exact scenario. Post-mission, the news announcer on Vice City Public Radio informs about a potential deadly incident at a zombie movie shoot, which confirms the killing of the junior artists, dressed as zombies. This assisted the movie to gain unconditional fame and hype around the city.

A sequel to the movie was released as Boy Scout Zombies in 1986, featuring a zombie, a petrified man and a couple on the promotional poster, with the tagline Dib Dib Death. It is unknown weather Spitz returned for the movie or not, since he didn't appear in GTA Vice City. It's likely to be his work since none else was into zombie movies in the 80s, excluding him.

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