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The BF Space Docker is a special vehicle in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Space Docker is a highly modified Dune Buggy owned by Omega. The car has multiple body panels attached to it, along with wings on the front and two trash cans, simulating jet engines, on the back, to make it's appearance similar to a space ship. Blue neon lights are strung across the entire vehicle. It is unique for being the only vehicle in the game with green headlights, along with a green undercarriage glow. On the body panels are various bizarre symbols and also an alien language written in an unknown alphabet.

Franklin first acquires the vehicle after he finds all 50 Spaceship Parts and meets up with Omega, triggering the mission The Final Frontier. From here, the Space Docker can be accessed by visiting any of the three protagonist's garages.

The Space Docker has been connected with various myths in the game. Omega is obsessed with Aliens and UFOs, which could mean the vehicle is connected with those myths somehow. The most common fan theories about the Space Docker involve driving it to a certain location at a certain time to possibly act as a trigger for mythical behavior. Various YouTube videos showcase investigations around areas like the Mount Chiliad cable car station, the location of Jolene Cranley-Evans' Ghost, and Beam Me Up, but these videos tend to fall as clickbait and either exaggerate their findings or outright hoax them.

Another theory states that the player must drive 88 miles per hour to trigger a mythical event. This is a reference to the Back to the Future movie series. While the Space Docker does not resemble the DeLorean DMC-12 from the movie, the presence of similar Back to the Future Easter eggs in the game could be a hint. In particular, one theory says that the player must drive 88 miles per hour on the railway near Stab City, because of a 1.21 gigawatt power box found on a maintenance building.


  • The Space Docker's name is an innuendo towards the sexual maneuver of the same name.