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Southern Montgomery Farms is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The farmstead is located southeast of Montgomery, a short distance away from the town and nearby highway. It takes the appearance of an old settlement, with several dilapidated wooden cabins and storerooms centered around a large barn. More modern-looking storage structures can be seen on the outskirts of the farm. The trail continues down the ridge going along the river, with a few wooden fences being built near the farmyard.

The location is featured during the mission "Wu Zi Mu" as a meet-up spot for members of the San Fierro Triad. It is subsequently used as the start and endpoint for the race side-missions Badlands A and Badlands B. Outside of the mission, no pedestrian activity is encountered at the farm.

Southern Montgomery Farms has been linked to several myths in the game.

Water Pollution

The farmstead is one of the pivotal points of the water pollution theory. In the nearby town of Montgomery lies the Biowell, a site for suspected toxic waste dumping committed by several businesses in the town, including Crippen Memorial Hospital, Bio Engineering, and the Sprunk Factory. Further analysis of Southern Montgomery Farms shows that several large gray oil drums can be found around the area; the same containers are found at other polluted areas in San Andreas, including Fisher's Lagoon located just downriver. It has been proposed by some myth hunters that one of the companies in Montgomery uses the farmstead as a discreet dumping location because of it's proximity to the river.

Another theory says that Southern Montgomery Farms only plays a role within a larger conspiracy.[1] The frequency of triad street races from Southern Montgomery Farms to The Panopticon shows that an indiscreet path between the two locations exists where a driver can avoid law enforcement. During the Badlands A race, a Walton is seen leaving the Panopticon using the same trail, usually with the gray oil drums in the trunk, and similar containers can be found at the lumber mill itself. The theory suggests that Southern Montgomery Farms is just a temporary place for the toxic waste until it is moved to another location for disposal.

Other myths

Southern Montgomery Farms has also been one of the reported locations where the player can encounter the Psycho pedestrian.[2] Beyond the rumors, it's unconfirmed if the hostile pedestrian actually spawns there.

Rarely, a police Ranger can be seen patrolling the farm and its nearby trail.