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Sonny Forelli's Ghost is a false myth found in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Sonny's Forelli Ghost myth rose from the depths of retro online forums' fictional stories, these fictional tales were compelled to transfigure bizarre rumors into paranormal tales, such as the origin of Sonny Forelli's Ghost myth. This myth has lead many myth hunters to roam around the Vercetti Mansion and analyze it more than any player probably did during normal gameplay, years later, it's sister myth, Ricardo Diaz's Ghost also surfaced on the web.


This myth was started with some fictional stories made up by anonymous users on various internet forums. The myth claims that after the player kills Sonny Forelli, his ghost will remain in the mansion. The story states that the ghost of Sonny Forelli tries to possess and harm Tommy Vercetti, Ken Rosenberg, and Avery Carrington. After this incident, they then approached a psychic named Taylor Anderson, who operates out of Angel Pine in San Andreas. Taylor dismisses the ghost using his occult pendant, assuring Tommy that the ghost has fled and won't return. Footsteps were still heard after that incident, rarely. This story is fan-fiction, and should obviously be labeled as false.


Players reported shadows resembling Forelli moving around, lurking inside the mansion, and hearing strange noises. The behavior of the ghost is unknown, but some players say he will attack assiduously. However, it could be possible due to the violent death Sonny had. Although Vercetti Estate is demonstrated as paranormal, the ghost still isn't related to Sonny Forelli. This is due to the fact that each evidence can be found prior to Sonny's death. Players might mistake Ricardo Diaz's Ghost for Forelli's Ghost.

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