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For the myth in GTA Vice City, see Slenderman (GTA Vice City).
For the myth in GTA V, see Slenderman (GTA V).

Slenderman is a false myth in GTA San Andreas.


Slenderman is a fictional character made famous by the 2012 horror video game Slender: The Eight Pages, although the myth of Slenderman actually emerged as an internet meme created by a Something Awful forum user named Eric Knudsen in 2009. It is a tall faceless supernatural demon with long arms and legs. It wears a clean black suit. Its skin is pale and its hands are sharp. Sometimes it is believed to have long tentacles coming out of its back. In the video game Slender: The Eight Pages, the player has to wander through a thick forest to search for eight pages, while Slenderman continuously follows them. Slenderman also hunts the player in the sequel, Slender: The Arrival. Players believe that Slenderman can be found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Slenderman is said to be commonly located somewhere in the country, possibly in Whetstone, or in Shady Creeks. Slenderman is believed to be able to teleport wherever he wants using special supernatural powers. It is believed that Slenderman has a lot of health and is very hard to kill, Slenderman attacks the player with its bare hands. Furthermore, modifications regarding this myth have been made and this myth itself is closed as false[1]. Also, the Slenderman was created in 2009, five years after Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released in 2004.

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