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Skumole Shack is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is also featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories but not in a mythical context.


The Skumole Shack is located on top of a store across the street from The Greasy Chopper bar. The shack appears to be old and rundown. It's assumed to be burned as it's interior is entirely incinerated while myth hunters hold a different opinion, several of the textures scattered in Skumole Shack, according to myth hunters, resemble demonic figures or are alike demonic figures, most notable the Demonic Body.

A similar but small in size figure can be found right at the entrance wall of the shack, as these can easily be just textures reassembling a burned interior but opinions vary on this particular subject.

This shack was also present in GTA Vice City Stories, where a Rampage could be started, but the shack did not feature any of the absurd textures, giving space to myth hunters to speculate that the shack maybe completely taken by dark entities by the year 1986, but this is merely a rumor. A simple and technical explanation would be that GTA Vice City was developed with detailed textures and a dark theme whereas GTA Vice City Stories lacked both the dark content and texture detailing, lacking it from giving any sort of dark addition.



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