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Skeletons are a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Four skeletons are said to show up somewhere in Aldea Malvada, Hunter Quarry, and Verdant Meadows at night. They are said to be dangerous and will attack with old-world weapons such as spears and will kill the player.

The myth surfaced in early 2009 and was at first widely considered to be true. Later that year a mod surfaced with the same features which lead many to believe the initial claim was false and it was a mod all along. However, there are still a few myth hunters that believe there is a chance this myth might be true because "Aldea Malvada" translates as "Evil Village."

Another substantial piece of evidence is the fact that the myth surfaced before the mod. There is a possibility that the mod creator first reported the myth in an attempt to gain publicity for the release of his mod. There is also a chance that the myth report inspired the creation of the mod.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of evidence, this myth is widely believed to be false.