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Silent Hill Exotica is a rare myth modification in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The modification is the basis of the Silent Hill Dimension myth in GTA Vice City.


Silent Hill Exotica is was a mythical mod made in 2016 by gunby a.k.a. the wraith [1]. The screenshots from the mod were submitted to the, a gaming forum and resource. [2] The mod includes many demonic creatures from the Silent Hill movie series including Pyramid Head, Faceless Nurses, Closer, Mannequins, Insane Cancer, Lying Figures and Groaner. The mod replaces normal game loads with nightmares, each nightmare features versions of Vice City turned into a Silent Hill with never-ending fog and demonic attacks from the monsters. It also includes two Silent Hill protagonist, namely; James Sunderland & Heather Mason. Vice City radio stations are replaced by Silent Hill static. Upon investigating the mod's source, it was only revealed that the mod was made in the Xbox version of the game.


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