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Silent Hill Dimension is an obscure yet unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. There is a Silent Hill Exotica modification on the web, featuring a Silent Hill Dimension.


The concept of the ghost world bears a striking resemblance to the Silent Hill dimension from the game series of the same name, but it's still not direct evidence of the dimension. Though the ghost world is dark and segregated from the original universe, it doesn't include the alternate hell that is unleashed on the people of Silent Hill as a curse from Alessa Gillespie. The Hell is rumored to be located in a sophisticated alley in the rear Little Haiti, bordering the Coin Laundry in front of Billy's Records. This alley features a dead end with burned like walls. It is rumored that Pyramid Head is unleashed in the dimension.

According to a bizarre theory, the secret Silent Hill dimension in Vice City has to do with Little Haiti. The theory is that Little Haiti has been cursed, because, at some point in the past, the church in Little Haiti executed someone like Alessa Gillespie, thus the Eglise Baptiste De La Regeneration community has been outcasted from the rest of Vice City churches, including Hoarmont Avenue Church and Washington Beach Church. Furthermore, as a result of the execution, the Stygian Houses were abandoned and cursed by Alessa Gillespie.

However, this theory is largely false, although the presence of Witches, Ghost World, and Church outcasts could be a hint towards the Silent Hill universe. This myth is technically flawed as it ignores the following important technical aspects:

  • It contradicts the existence of Haitian Voodoo Ritual and disregards the origin of the church being Baptist.
  • It doesn't regard the fact that the Stygian Houses were made on an empty patch of land purchased by Vic Vance in 1984 and doesn't share Silent Hill's rich ancient history.
  • It's impossible to connect the co-existence of Phil the Witch and Alessa Gillespie.
  • Though there is a burned wall in the alley, that's alleged to be the portal to the hell dimension, the wall texture, although with less intensive textures, might be found in the game.


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