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For the Easter Egg in other GTA games, see Signs.

Signs are a form of Easter egg in the Grand Theft Auto series. They take the form of messages that were deliberately placed by game developers for the players to find, and they are usually ironic or humorous. They have always been hidden in secret and hard to get to places. There is always, at least, one sign in each game that sometimes leads to other Easter eggs.


  • In Ocean Beach, just north of the Pole Position Club, there is a store called Rockster Video Games. This is an obvious reference to developer Rockstar Games.
  • In the VCN building in Vice City, one can find a large egg on a plinth that has the words Happy Easter written on it. In GTA Vice City Stories, the same egg returns, only it is under construction. A miniature crane can be found next to it, and the egg itself is missing various panels. This is a reference to the fact that GTA Vice City Stories takes place 2 years before GTA Vice City. The egg is located inside of a hidden room within the building. It should be noted that the Easter Egg room is only accessible on the PS2 version.
    • To access this "Hidden room," the player must climb up the stairs of an adjacent building, to access a helipad. To the left of the helipad on the VCN building, there is a section of the wall that is not solid. The player can jump from the helipad towards the side of the building, and they will go through the wall and enter the Easter egg room.
  • Lifeguard Cabins in Vice Beach bear signs on them that say "RIP Currents."