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For the myth in other GTA games, see Shipwrecks.

Shipwrecks are the remains of wrecked ships found in Grand Theft Auto V.


The shipwreck of a very large container ship can be found underwater. The ship appears to be roughly cut in half so that its bow is resting upright, and its large stern section is laying on its side a few yards away. Various shipping containers can also be found strewn about the wreckage. The shipwreck has a very large debris field. Its name is not known, but the phrase "Safety First" is written in large letters on the main deck. It is located off the east coast of N.O.O.S.E. and the Palomino Highlands.

There is also a shipwreck of a Tug off the southwestern coast of Fort Zancudo. The Tug's name, which is Olifantus, can be found inscribed on the side of its hull. Two other tugboat wrecks can be found on the northeastern (close to the Duster wreck) and southeastern coast (somewhat close to the location of the Underwater Hatch).

There is a decomposing side-wheeler paddle steamer within a natural harbor near the Palomino Highlands. Heavy armor and a health pack can be picked up at this location.

The wreck of a Submersible can be found off the western coast of Pacific Bluffs.

A Nuclear submarine wreck can be found off the northeastern coast of Mount Gordo. The submarine appears to have exploded in the engine compartment since it is split into two pieces. Some of the hull pieces have split off, revealing the steel skeleton. There are also several missile pods at the back.

A large wrecked tanker ship can be found south of Elysian Island, in the Port of Los Santos, and a large container bed can be found underwater in a canal north of that area, near a bridge. 

The wreck of a 3D Universe Reefer can be found on Vespucci Beach. It is badly rusted, covered in graffiti and is missing its cap. Graffers can sometimes be found spraying it.

Various other marine debris and machinery can be found strewn about the sea floor around the Port of Los Santos. 

Other Wrecks[]

A large number of sunken vehicles and other debris can be found underwater east of the Humane Labs and Research. Many of these vehicles are military-related, such as a Barracks flatbed truck and a Rhino tank as well as couple of German Panzer II wrecks. The close proximity of the vehicles to each other could imply that they were intentionally scuttled or dumped there, possibly because they were unwanted military surplus or simply broken-down vehicles from the Humane Labs. Besides these vehicles, various crates and metal scraps can be found at this location as well.

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