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The Sherman Dam is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is connected to the Epsilon Program.


Sherman Dam is located in Bone County and physically separates the Sherman Reservoir from the remaining waterways in San Andreas. This enormous structure is based on Nevada's Hoover Dam and provides nearby Las Venturas with hydroelectric power. It also regulates the height of the river. It is featured prominently in the mission Dam and Blast. The dam's generator room can be accessed by entering one of the buildings atop the dam itself. However, during the mission Dam and Blast, a completely different entrance is used.

Relation to the Epsilon Program

In real life, the Hoover Dam marks the boundary between the Mountain and Pacific time zones. Because of this, the Sherman Dam has been connected to the instructions of "travel through the dawn," given the implication that the time zone changes. The Dam's location connecting Tierra Robada to Bone County leads it to be considered a "pass". In some official screenshots of the dam, a red Sadler can be seen driving across it, leading to beliefs that Epsilon Program members are located there.


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