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Shadow Man is an obscure myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Shadow Man myth was discovered in 2016 during a detailed video investigation about the connection of Panlantic Tunnels to Avery Towers. A homeless pedestrian was sighted acting unusually in Avery Towers construction site.[1] During numerous other investigations conducted, the homeless pedestrian was found in the same place. The myth is named Shadow Man because the homeless pedestrian wears a torn black shirt and at night, his model may seem like a shadow. There could be various reasons for the occurrence of the pedestrian in the area, technical glitch could be a prime reason for the occurring. Another yet possible theory speaks that this is a random Easter egg left by the developers.

A bizarre tale about the homeless pedestrian states that this pedestrian is, in fact, a ghost in the guise that was killed by Avery Carrington, possibly because the homeless pedestrian came to know about Avery's dirty deed, as a hint, a gun can be found nearby in the tower. This gun is said to be the same weapon that killed the homeless guy.

Moreover, players have described that the Shadow Man will chase them, escalating the situation into a horror scene. This is refuted by the explanation that the homeless pedestrian is programmed either to stand idle or run if the one tries to scare him off, either with bullet shots, or physical contact.


  • It has been rumored that any other pedestrian may appear in the place of the homeless civilian but this is unconfirmed and only a rumor.



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