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The Secluded Church is a Roman Catholic religious building and a mythical location found in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The church is located in the southwestern region of Washington Beach. The particular building wasn't known to be a religious institution until a search of the game files found otherwise.

The Secluded Church was confirmed to be a church in-game, but the reason for its seclusion is still unknown. Because the church has the look of a normal building, it took over a decade to find out that it is actually a church. It was revealed from the internal files of the game. Models and textures of this building are named as churchdoor1_256, churchwall6_256, churchwall3_256, churchwall2_256, and churchwall1_256.

This church, unlike others in the GTA series, doesn't feature any towers or naves, but was built in a considerable scale and occupies a large area including an alley. Organ music can be heard from the church, between 10 and 11 o'clock.

The church has the infamous Hexagram engraved on its stained glass window. A Hexagram is a frequently used symbol in many religious sects, so it isn't that surprising.

The creature known as Demonical Outcast is rumored to be lurking around the Alleys behind the area.

Video Investigation

GTA Vice City, Easter Egg, Church Organ

GTA Vice City, Easter Egg, Church Organ



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