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Scott Wilson is a myth and an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Scott Wilson was a war veteran who died in the Korean War and was given a medal of honor. Scott Wilson's remains were buried in the Drive Thru Confessions Church in Palomino Creek, Red County. This is an Easter egg to Scott Wilson, a Rockstar employee, who largely worked on the countryside artwork of GTA San Andreas.

However, in the world of myth hunting, Scott Wilson's grave serves as an obscure myth. Players have reported observing strange activities around the grave, including inexplicable glows, one of which is located inside a particular grave in the graveyard. Myth hunters believe that Scott Wilson's ghost is indirectly responsible for the strange happenings in the area, in order to send an unknown message to the intruder in the graveyard. It has been rumored that after midnight, the player might observe a strange green glow on Scott's grave.

Nothing more is known about Wilson's background except that he can be assumed as a Catholic, due to the crucifix symbol on his grave along with the denomination of the church, which is probably Catholic as well.