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Scooter Brothers is an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto V.


When switching to Trevor, the player may come across a switch scene involving Trevor on a Faggio scooter, tailing another person on the same motorcycle. They will be riding east down the Olympic Freeway, leaving La Mesa. Trevor will continuously shout quotes including "Scooter brothers!" and "Scccooooooter brothers!". The inclusion of this Easter egg is a reference to the YouTuber named Brad Simons from 4Player Network (then 4Player Podcast), who gained fame when riding a motorcycle in Grand Theft Auto IV, to which he constantly shouted "Scooter brother!" when he found another NPC with the same motorcycle, tailing him. As a result of this video, Rockstar clearly took note of the humorous event and decided to use the idea as an Easter egg which they implemented into Grand Theft Auto V. The player must be playing as another character, or have just switched from GTA Online for them to have the possibility of being in this unique switch scene.