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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is set within an 80's themed parody of Miami. One of the game's major influences comes from the 1983 film Scarface, which also deals with a newcomer in Miami creating his drug empire.

List of Easter Eggs

  • The entire district of Little Havana is a reference to various Cuban shops from the film.
    • By extension, Che Robina's "Little Havana Cafe" is a reference to the "Little Havana Restaurant" where Tony Montana works at the beginning of the film.
  • The storyline's overarching theme of a normal gang member who eventually starts his own drug empire is present in both the game and the film.
  • Tommy Vercetti staying in a hotel on Vice City's beaches is a reference to the beginning of Scarface, in which a similar event takes place. The fact that an Oceanic, a car similar to Montana's from the film, spawns in front of the Ocean View hotel further solidifies this theory.
  • Ricardo Diaz's character may be based on the drug dealer Hector from the movie. They share the same appearance and eventually betray the main protagonists during a drug deal.
    • He also looks similar to the character Frank Lopez, another character with the same character traits and appearance.
    • There is a Colombian Cartel lead by the "Diaz Brothers" mentioned many times in the movie, but they didn't make a physical appearance. This could have been the inspiration for Ricardo.
    • Ricardo Diaz's clothing, a red Hawaiian shirt and beige slacks, are a reference to the clothes worn by Tony Montana during the film.
  • The bloodstains in Apartment 3C's bathroom are a reference to Angel Fernandez, who is killed by the same conditions: in a bathroom with a chainsaw.
  • The Leaf Links golf course is based on a golf course from the film, even down to its fragmented archipelago style.
  • The Malibu Club is based on the Babylon Club from the film. Both of them feature a pink-and-blue aesthetic with heavy use of statues.
  • The Vercetti Estate is almost identical to Tony Montana's home, and the last mission, Keep Your Friends Close..., is a reference to the final sequence of Scarface in which Tony Montana is killed in a shootout.
    • The room on the right with the recruitable gang members is a complete copy and paste of Lopez's office from the film, including the palm tree background.
  • The large blimp that flies around the north part of the Vice City Mainland is a reference to the "The World is Yours" scene from the film.
  • In the mission In the Beginning..., Tommy goes to a drug deal that goes wrong and is almost killed by Diaz's goons. In Scarface, a botched drug deal at the beginning is a major plot point.
  • In the mission Back Alley Brawl, the player has to fight and kill a Chef associated with the cocaine trade. In Scarface, a chef at the Little Havana Resturant is connected with organized crime, so this may be a reference.
  • Inside the security room of the El Banco Corrupto Grande, there is a large stack of monitors with various displays on each. This texture was actually taken directly from the film.

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