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The Satanist is a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto IV.


In the city district North Holland, a person wearing a black hoodie can be found walking down a road. While not paranormal in of itself, this pedestrian model has a variant in which a pentagram symbol is printed on his back. Fans have noted, its spawn chances are very rare, and there are other variants of the black hoodie pedestrian that may spawn. The Satanist will walk around the sidewalk like a normal pedestrian. The Pentagram is often considered as a significant symbol in modern occultism such as Satanism. This orientation of the symbol is evil and associated it with the triumph of matter over spirit. The Order of the Eastern Star, a group associated with Freemasonry, also identify with the pentagram. Liberty City is based on the real-life New York City, a town well known for its links to Masonic and occultist groups, leading players to believe this pedestrian has an ulterior motive.

The pedestrian will spawn like most others and will spawn in any normal pedestrian spawn point.

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  • Satanists have also been rumored to exist in the Church of Satan, located in Bayside Marina, San Andreas.
  • Satanist clothing and Pentagrams are also mentioned in a commercial ad on the radio in Vice City.

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