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The Sand Roller is a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The myth has to do with a large sand roller that can be found on the Santa Maria Beach, in front of the safehouse.


The myth is about a simple sand roller, which is usually towed behind a vehicle, typically used to restore beaches if they are uneven, but it contains some strange traits. Pedestrians may misspawn and be underneath the roller (due to a towel being next to it,) which fools players into thinking that a serial killer rolled someone with it. However, it is well known for the strange markings on the front part of the machine. It is unknown what these are, but rumors range from Egyptian Hieroglyphics, the stone texture used on Mount Chiliad, or some have speculated that it looks like a black and white overhead photo of a town (each strange "rock" being a house).  

This sand roller is merely a replica of a similar roller found on the Santa Monica Beach in Santa Monica, California, which was sculpted with an intricate pattern on its roller that resembles the overhead view of a cityscape. Each little shape is indented, so when the roller is rolled across the beach, the shapes will be imprinted into the sand.