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|title = Salvatore's Ghost
|image = Salvatore Leone Ghost.jpg
|first = Grand Theft Auto III
|second = Ghost<br>Transparent<br>Human-like
|third = SPOOKY
|fourth = POSSIBLE}}
'''Salvatore's Ghost '''is a myth in [ GTA III] that has to do with '''[ Salvatore Leone].'''
== Overview and History ==
This myth could quite possibly be one of the first myths to originate from a Grand Theft Auto video-game. The myth is about Salvatore Leone, a man who is assassinated by the protagonist, [ Claude], in the mission [ Sayonara Salvatore]. Players have reported seeing his ghost around his home on Portland Beach. Most accounts generally describe his ghost as a full-bodied grey silhouette.
Strangely, after he has been killed, the two Mafia Sentinels remain parked outside his mansion, even though he doesn't live there anymore. Also, the piano music loop can be heard playing inside his house even after his death. However, this is probably because the piano music is set as an ambiance noise in his mansion, and game designers never bothered with making it stop after his death. Another strange thing is when shooting bullets at the wall inside the mansion, you can't see your bullets hitting anything. Myth hunters also report seeing the silhouette of a figure when looking at the lighthouse from the mansion while using a sniper rifle.
==Video Investigation==
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[[Category:Myths and Legends in GTA III]]
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