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Ryder's Ghost is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Ryder is a pivotal plot character in the game, but later in the story, he betrays the Grove Street Families, marking him as an antagonist in future events.

In the mission Pier 69, the player catches Ryder in San Fierro dealing with rival gang members. The player then has to kill the gang members, Ryder included, to complete the mission. Most would assume that this was the end of Ryder, but multiple players have reported seeing an apparition of him near the Pier, or in the backyard of his home on Grove Street. Unlike most ghosts within the game, the ghost of Ryder is hostile and will attack the player on sight, usually with melee weapons or fists.

Critics are quick to point out that many people who propagated the myths are known modders, and one would assume that the ghost is a mod. Since the inception of the myth, multiple mods have been made to add Ryder posthumously, lowering the myth's credibility even further to that of a false myth.

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GTA San Andreas - MYTH - Ryder's Ghost

GTA San Andreas - MYTH - Ryder's Ghost

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