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The Rotterdam Monster is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Myth hunters hold the belief that the monster has existed since the beginning of the city, which is why the monster is named after New Rotterdam, the former name of Liberty City. Some believe that these stories originated from the 16th century in New Rotterdam but technical experts are at odds with the monster theory.

Retro myth hunters claim that the monster was sighted around the coast of Alderney near the shipwrecks and as evident from copious web videos, players invested a huge amount of time wanting to uncover the truth but failed to capture anything at all. At times the dark textures at the upper surface of the water may be mistaken for a monster's shadow but that technically depends on the weather. These dark textures also occur in GTA Vice City's Sea Monster. If technically analyzed, the entire myth is a result of the presence of the captivating ocean that determines one to investigate the monster, but all such efforts go futile. Many hunters also try to fake encounters, as GTA IV has a function of lights rising from the horizon. Players cheat this function and add filters to make the this light seem vague, as they shine on the water surface.


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