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The Romero Riddle is a mysterious nexus reported to exist in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Romero Riddle relates to a phenomenon which links several locations, characters, and businesses to the Funeraria Romero. Funeraria Romero is an undertaker and butcher service in the game. They are acknowledged in game for taking part in unethical business moves, such as selling Human Organs at their butcher shop. Due to their dubious practices and behavior, they've been inter-connected to several other strange organizations and places in the game.

The Nexus

  • The myth begins from the undertaker shop, Funeraria Romero, that provides coffins and gravestones to the locals. Their cemetery is situated at the rear of the shop. There's a skeleton in an open grave in the cemetery, a strange observation is noted that the arm of the skeleton is missing.
  • It was later found out and theorized that the arm of the skeleton is kept at the human organs shop, these lead players to believe that, along with human organs and arms, the Funeraria Romero sells organs of corpses in the shop.
  • After the revelation, Riverside Pavillion was also suspected to be involved in the scenario. It was further reported that the Riverside Pavillion sells the human organs that are supplied to them by the owners of the Funeraria Romero.
  • A second Riverside Pavillion restaurant is located near the Stygian Houses in the game. A connection was derived that the Riverside Pavillion may be sneaking off the meat into the other restaurant through a manhole, which is located near their shop and that this manhole opens up in the basement of the second Riverside Pavillion near Stygian Houses.
  • It was also theorized that the Funeraria Romero may be supplying their meat around the city via another meat service called R. S. & L. Bows, and that this may be another hidden company owned by the Romeros in disguise.
  • Later on, players started to investigate further into the myth, finding out a certain cannibal and business tycoon Donald Love, speculating that Donald could be a frequent customer to the Romeros due to his liking and could be funding them too.
Romero Nexus Tree

Funeraria Romero
Funeraria Romero Cemetery
Human Organs
Riverside Pavillion
Stygian Houses
R. S. & L. Bows
Donald Love