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For the Easter Egg in other GTA games, see Rockstar Logo.

The Rockstar Games Logo has been featured in every game in the Grand Theft Auto series since the 3D universe debut, Grand Theft Auto III. Rockstar Games has left their logo within the games as Easter eggs. The logos can usually be found on billboards, signs and even on articles of clothing.


  • Carl Johnson's suitcase in the first cutscene has the Rockstar logo on it. In addition, OG Loc's, Sweet's and Tenpenny's suitcase (which is the same as CJ's) has the logo on it as well.
  • Inside Big Smoke's Crack Den, there is a doormat which says "Not Welcome Rockstar North" with the Rockstar North logo at the center.
  • If viewing the San Fierro tower at night coming from the Garver Bridge, the player can see the Rockstar Games logo being shown as the lighting of the building.
  • Many beer bottles in bars and clubs in GTA San Andreas have the Rockstar logo on them.
  • Northstar Rock, an area in the GTA San Andreas state of Los Santos, is Rockstar North backwards. They are the company responsible for Manhunt and a majority of GTA games.
  • One of the drug dealers wears a Rockstar hoodie. The same hoodie is also available to purchase for Carl Johnson.
  • Some of the clothes available to buy have the Rockstar Games Logo on them, including the hoodies and the Rockstar sweater, and Rockstar jacket. One of these is worn by a drug dealer.
  • The Parachute has a small Rockstar North logo on the back.
  • The action figure boxes for GTA Vice City and Manhunt characters inside Zero RC have Rockstar logos on them. There is also a model sailboat inside of Zero RC which also has a Rockstar logo on it. The kites on the roof inside Zero RC also have the Rockstar logo on them too.
  • On the top floor of Las Venturas Planning Department, there is a Caligula's palace model with a Rockstar logo on it.


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