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For the Easter Egg in other GTA games, see Rockstar Logo.

The Rockstar Games Logo has been featured in every game in the Grand Theft Auto series since the 3D universe debut, Grand Theft Auto III. Rockstar Games has left their logo within the games as Easter eggs. The logos can usually be found on billboards, signs and even on articles of clothing.


  • In Francis International Airport in Shoreside Vale, many large passenger planes and helicopters have Rockstar logos on their fuselages and tails.
  • There are numerous billboards placed around the Liberty Cocks stadium in Staunton Island that have the Rockstar Logo on them.
  • There is a helicopter located on the top of Kenji's Casino that has some Rockstar Games logos on its bodywork, similar to the ones in the airport.
  • There is also an advertisement in Bedford Point which shows a coffee cup with the Rockstar logo on the middle of the cup.
  • There is a pedestrian that wears a blue hat with the Rockstar Logo on it. This ped is also notorious for wearing headphones that play a mysterious tune. 
  • There is a female pedestrian that wears a jacket which says "ROCK STAR" on it.
  • The logo appears in a star constellation in the sky. This seems to be a recurring Easter egg, as the Rockstar constellation appears in every subsequent game since GTA III.


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