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Rockman is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


In 2010, a modification named Mythemix was released for GTA San Andreas that added multiple myths to the game. One of the modifications that Mythemix offered was Rockman. Rockman is a pedestrian sized creature that inhabits the famous Area 69 and can be spotted at this location most of the time.

The Rockman is composed mainly of rock, as the name implies. It appears to be almost full of red rock except for blue shorts that the creature typically wears. It is always seen alone and is very aggressive to the point where it attacks the player for no reason. It is very difficult to kill using weaker weapons. So, the player should use a rocket launcher or a minigun to end this creature quicker. It does not have any weapons and will fight with bare hands.

This myth is false and can only be added using the modification.