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Ringtones are an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto IV.


On the in-game website,, various parodies of real life songs can be set as ringtones. Among real-life songs, there are GTA Melodies. There are songs from Head Radio and Lips 106 radio stations from GTA Liberty City Stories. The ringtone called Pager is a reference to the pager melody from GTA III and the opening sequence from GTA Vice City. This is also an 8-bit version of the Joyride theme for GTA 1.

List of Ringtones

MP3 Ringtones SFX Ringtones Themes
  • 109
  • Bassmatic
  • Credit Check
  • Dragon Brain
  • Drive
  • Funk In Time
  • Get Down
  • Hooker
  • Into Something
  • Mine Until Monday
  • Take The Pain
  • The One For Me
  • Tonight
  • Science of Crime
  • Beheading
  • Champagne
  • Diamonds
  • Flat Line
  • Jet
  • Lesbians
  • Money Counter
  • Old B****
  • Americas Next Top Hooker
  • Burger Shot
  • Cluckin Bell
  • ECola
  • Heat
  • Honkers
  • MeTv
  • Perseus
  • Release
  • Rusty Brown's
  • Sprunk
  • VIP Luxury Ringtones


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