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Ricardo Diaz's Grave is a retro myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Over time, the myth has become quite a lesser-known subject, mainly due to the game being more than a decade old itself, abandoning the once debated myth.


Evident from the name itself, Ricardo Diaz's Grave myth talks about a particular grave that holds the body of Ricardo Diaz, after he was taken down by Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance. Rumors say that the body is buried in the Vercetti Estate, deep in the basement, or the spandrel, but these claims don't present any authenticity. Some claims suggest that the body was dumped in body bags, which are kept by the entrance of the mansion. However, skeptics have turned down this specific claim as well. Over time, people also started believing that the Cement Shoe Men are in fact Ricardo Diaz, dumped by Vercetti in the sea but these claims were discarded to be fallacious.

A vague rumor suggests that Burial Shovel kept by the door has something to do with Ricardo's body and the body may be buried in the gardens of the mansion or even in the maze, but a random glitch causing the Burial Shovel to occur after the mission Two Bit Hit at times, has caused players to believe that the Burial Shovel is rewarded to the player after Tommy assassinated the Haitians in their lord's funeral. However, the Shovel still exists even if the player skips the mission Two Bit Hit and continues on to Diaz's assassination, thus causing a huge rift between skeptics and myth supporters, as this particular myth remains unsolved. It has been speculated that Mario may be certain of the grave's location, but similar to other theories, this also remains unsolved.