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Ricardo Diaz's Ghost ( it's not a mod. )

Ricardo Diaz's Ghost is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Initially the myth was described as feasible but over the lapse of time, multiple demonstrations have been presented that largely discarded the authenticity of the myth, revealing that several glitched textures and lighting effects in the mansion may initially lead one to believe in a paranormal haunting but technically, no such entities are present in the mansion but the myth itself has been a cause of serious debate between gamers but none has never presented a bona fide evidence including the most technical of players in the game.


Many players have reported seeing his ghost in the Vercetti Estate. Players have reported having heard windy voices and strange whistles all over the mansion. It is believed to be the ghost of Ricardo Diaz since he was murdered in his mansion.

His ghost is believed to roam around the mansion at late hours. He was of cunning nature when he was alive, so it is possible for the ghost to get hostile at times.

The Portrait

A weird observation can also be made at the first floor of the mansion because of the religious portrait that can be found hanging on the wall. Religious portraits are often used for the avoidance of any demonic activity within the possessed object or region. This could be a plausible reference that the Vercetti Estate is haunted by ghosts. It is named as bible1 in the internal files of the game.

It is also plausible that it belongs to Ricardo Diaz, a conceivable Catholic. Literally the word Ricardo is a frequent Spanish name, meaning Powerful Leader and Diaz is described to meant Son of Diego, with Diego being the primordial Roman Catholic Saint in America,

The mysterious religious portrait.

it can be very well perceived that portrait has something to do with Diaz's religious personality.

Besides, a Crucifix locket is always hung around Diaz's neck, as evident during various cut scenes in both GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories, causing serious damage and furthermore abandoning the ghost theories.

The ghost could also be a poltergeist. Similar to poltergeist activities, players have reported that his ghost is the one behind changing the portraits from their initial positions. This fact is also discarded as many players hold the opinion that the portraits were displaced by the Vercetti gang after their takeover.


Evidence Analysis Conclusion

Green glow
In the following picture an inexplicable green glow can be observed, this glow can only occur after the Vercetti takeover, due to this fact, this glow has been interconnected with the Ricardo Diaz Ghost. This could be a plausible fact as green glow occurs in paranormal regions. Players have interlinked this glow with the Ricardo Diaz myth and this fact could also be conceivable, with respect to the reason that this glow can for only be observed after the Vercetti takeover. This is more likely a transparency glitch that players mistake for the ghost, as evident from the game files, a wave band of red, green and yellow colors are included in the texture files of the stair railings in the game, specifically for transparency purposes.

The bulb
In the second picture, the light bulb behind the stairs is non-functional but the light still glows within the bulbs region from an unknown source. It has been speculated to be a slightly occult occurrence, although this fact has also been disputed. It has been concluded that the bulb may be non-functional due to a probable development error.
Ghost 1-0.jpg

Strange smoke on the stairs
A photograph, featuring a strange smoke was uploaded on the web. The authenticity of the evidence has yet to be disclosed. The smokey figure was captured on the stairs of the Vercetti Estate. Still unknown, however, due to a modified weapon present beside the stairs, it can be speculated that the user may be modding the game. Another skeptic thesis demonstrates the image to be blurred in an absurd way to give an impression of a shadow but none of these theories have been neither approved or discarded by the user who captured the picture.

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