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Requiem Aeternam, eternal rest in Latin, is an Easter egg in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


When important characters are killed in the game throughout the storyline, their gravestones appear in the graveyard in Staunton Island. For each one there is a message:

  • Paulie Sindacco - Viva Las Venturas Baby (translates to long live Las Venturas baby, and a reference to Elvis song Viva Las Vegas)
  • Giovanni Casa - Gone...
  • Vincenzo Cilli - Not so lucky after all
  • Joseph Daniel O'Toole - Sleeping with angels (with a dildo near the tomb)
  • Cederic "Wayne" Fotheringay
  • Roger C. Hole - Running for office in Heaven
  • Dan Sucho - Dead... An' what not


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