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For the Easter Egg in other GTA games, see References to Other Cities.

References to other cities are Easter eggs in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

List of Easter eggs

  • On the radio, the player can occasionally hear a new movie being advertised called "The Mainframe". There are billboards all over the city advertising the film and for some, there is a picture taken from San Andreas showing 5 pedestrians running for cover. One of these pedestrians is Barbara Schternvart, one of CJ's possible girlfriends in GTA SA.
  • Behind Toni's safehouse in Portland Island, there is a billboard sponsoring the new album of Madd Dogg from GTA San Andreas. It is believed that this was made using the rhymes that CJ returns to him during the main story of GTA SA.
  • In various areas around Liberty City, there are posters and advertisements for a film called Sonny Forelli: A True Story. Sonny Forelli was the Don of the Forelli Mafia family, and serves as the main antagonist in GTA Vice City. The poster also features the Russian Mafia pedestrians from GTA San Andreas.


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