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For the myth in GTA San Andreas, see Red Truck (GTA SA).

The Red Truck is the subject of a myth in Grand Theft Auto V. The Red Truck has been associated with the Epsilon Cult.


The Red Truck myth returns in Grand Theft Auto V. Since the Epsilon Program uses the same website from GTA San Andreas, the instructions to join the cult remain the same.

The Red Truck appears in the mission Seeking the Truth, in which Michael must travel to Raton Canyon and find a red truck. Once he arrives, he sees the truck, which is a red Bison, then takes out the brochure and recites the phrase. After the phrase is said, two members of the cult emerge from behind some bushes and quickly knock Michael out.

The red truck is never seen nor referenced after this mission, and this is the only instance in the whole game where the cult uses a red vehicle. All the other vehicles that the Epsilon Cult uses are a unique shade of light blue. 


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