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For the myth in GTA V, see Red Truck (GTA V).

The Red Truck is a myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The Red Truck has been associated with the Epsilon Cult, and it has been the subject of many investigations within the Grand Theft Auto community.


The red truck is mentioned on the Epsilon Cult's official website, under the section, which explains how to join the cult.

Travel through the dawn to the pass pictured in our brochures. Look for a red truck with a dent on the right fender. Raise your left hand and recite the words: "Take me to my father-father, brother-uncle. Kifflom." We'll do the rest. Because we all know, there is Kifflom and there is Krant, and both be praised. Blindfold required.

–Epsilon Program, Epsilon Program Website

Since the game's release, it has been widely speculated that the red truck mentioned in this brief passage is the Beater Sadler, which spawns in various places around San Andreas. Like the Beater Glendale, this variant of the Sadler spawns with dented body panels, bumpers, and doors, which cannot be repaired by visiting a Pay 'n' Spray. In the truck's bed, there is a green substance. This may be related to Green Goo.

In a pre-release screenshot of the game, a red Walton is shown driving across the Sherman Dam during sunset. Players speculated that this screenshot had some correlation between the red truck myth, as the Epsilon instructions mention a pass, and it is very likely that the dam is the pass, as it connects Bone County to Tierra Robada. In the screenshot, the time is set to noon, solidifying the theory further.

Another pre-release screenshot used on Rockstar's teaser site shows a red Sadler entering the town of Blueberry, near the Red County Truck Terminal. This could possibly be another reference to the truck's significance.

The directions say that the truck must have a dent in its right fender. However, in GTA San Andreas, vehicles do not get damaged in their quarter panels (fenders), making this part of the myth unlikely. Both the Sadler and the Glendale have two skins, one ordinary skin, and one beaten-up skin. If the player drives one of the beaten-up cars to a repair shop, it resets to its original skin, a beaten-up car, just like the player found it.


Truck terminal red county (1).jpg

The truck that appears during Are You Going To San Fierro?

In Red County, there is a large signpost saying Red County Truck Terminal, with the word Truck and Red on top of each other on the left side. If there is any special place where the player could expect to find the special red truck mentioned on, it might be here.

Another possible location of the truck can be an abandoned dock located at the most northern part of the map. This place has been widely believed to be the location of the truck, due to its discrete location and the fact that a beaten-up truck always spawns there. The abandoned dock is located within a geographic pass, which adds more plausibility to this claim.

During the mission Are You Going To San Fierro?, a Sadler will spawn near the entrance of The Truth's farm at Leafy Hollow. The truck will always spawn with a red paint job. However, the Sadler doesn't spawn as its beater variant.