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The Red County Truck Terminal is an abandoned truck stop in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The truck terminal is a facility centrally located in Blueberry, Red County, a town that was formerly a central hub for over-land shipping operations in Red County. The terminal would have been a place truckers could use to park and refuel their trucks.

Sometime before the plot events of GTA San Andreas, the building was shut down due to unknown events. Now, the area is blocked off by large chain-link fences and the interior of the building lies barren, excluding a few broken ceiling lights and wooden boards.

During daylight hours, the building is pitch black, only being illuminated by the building's few blurry and destroyed windows. A large concrete courtyard makes up most of the exterior. The courtyard contains several light posts that are in a state of disrepair, including two that are fully collapsed. At night, the only functional light will turn on and will bathe the interior of the truck terminal in an ominous blue glow. Pedestrians tend to avoid the area, going so far as to run around the perimeter of the building instead of through its exterior courtyard if provoked by the player. The building's derelict appearance and creepy atmosphere made it a popular area for myth hunters who had yet to unlock the second island.

Epsilon Connection

At night, a blue glow takes over the Terminal.

The sign of the Truck Terminal.

Players have theorized that the former truck terminal is now owned by the Epsilon Cult, a claim supported by some evidence.

Its location in Blueberry, an area that has been theorized to be a hotspot for cult activities, might add some validity to this suggestion. The building's blue lighting at night is referred to as the Truck Terminal Phenomenon. Players cite the blue interior lighting phenomena as more truth to the claim, as bright blue is the signature color scheme of Epsilonism.

A large sign found in the courtyard showcases the name of the business, but due to the improper stylization of the lettering, the sign appears to say "RED TRUCK COUNTY TERMINAL" instead of its regular name. The Red Truck is a recurring theme in the myth of the Epsilon Cult. If the player climbs onto the roof of the building, they can clearly see the bright blue bridge related to The Blueberry Mystery, being one of the only locations where the bridge is 100 percent visible. Players have theorized the area is acts as a place of worship for adherents of Epsilon, as there are uncommon claims that groups of followers can spawn and be active inside the truck terminal.


  • Due to the building's disrepair, some of the letters on the sign have been chipped away. Red County becomes Red Cunt, possibly signaling Rockstar's Adult Humor.