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Red Arrows are a possible myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Red Arrows myth refers to a series of textures in the Grand Senora Desert that form a small path for the player to follow.

The first arrow can be found off the highway, on a trail near the gas station. On the side of the trail is a large concrete pillar that has been defaced by alien enthusiasts, showing the same alien graffiti seen in other parts of the state. Next to the pillar is a replica of the Mount Chiliad Mural etched into the sand. On top of the pillar is a small white sign with a red arrow on it, pointing towards the direction of Omega's house and Beam Me Up.

Following a straight line path from the first arrow, the second arrow can be found at Beam Me Up, near the entrance and close to a wrecked RV. This arrow uses an identical model to the previous one, and there is nothing strange nearby. It points west towards Sandy Shores. These are the only two concrete pillars known to be in the game, so the continuation of the path is only up to fan speculation.

In Sandy Shores, north of Trevor's trailer, is a liquor store. The store's sign has a large arrow pointing southwest. At night, the arrow is one of the few signs in Sandy Shores that is lit up, possibly signifying its importance. There are no other clues around the area.

Following the liquor store's sign will take the player to the abandoned Blaine County Motel. The sign on the roof of the motel has a red arrow pointing downwards with the text "Office." There is no accessible office in the motel, although the room immediately underneath the sign is one of the few that the player can enter. No other arrows can be found inside the motel, but the area is known for its paranormal sightings.

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