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Raton Canyon is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto V.


The area consists of a river, few waterfalls, and rocky areas. It is bordered by Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness from the north, North Chumash and Mount Josiah from the south and Alamo Sea from the east.

Myths and Easter eggs[]

Raton Canyon is associated with some myths and Easter eggs.


Phantoms were reported to appear on the bridge on canyon's border with North Chumash. Aside from this, there were no reports deeper in the area.

Epsilon Cult[]

Raton Canyon is one of the areas where players look for Epsilon Program Members.

In the Strangers and Freaks side mission Seeking the Truth, the Red Truck appears. After the player goes nearby, a cutscene starts, in which Michael takes out an Epsilon brochure and starts reciting a phrase. After he recites it, two Epsilonists appear and knock him out.

After the mission, it was rumored that Epsilon members are abundant in the area.

Peyote Plant[]

The golden Peyote plant can be found in the area near Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, when it is foggy on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 8:00 AM.