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Ratman is an unlikely myth in Grand Theft Auto V.


Ratman is also rumored to appear in GTA V, but alleged sightings are on a much smaller scale. He is thought to be found under freeways, near hobos. The vast sewers would also be an ideal place for Ratman to reside. There have been no large-scale investigations into Ratman in GTA V as of yet, but his existence seems possible. A mysterious laughter can be heard down in the maintenance tunnels in downtown Los Santos. The laughter seems to come from behind a blocked off area of the tunnels and can be heard almost every time the player gets near the blocked off area. If the player kills a rat in the maintenance tunnels of LS a splash sound effect, similar to the player's footsteps can be heard. A strange breathing sound can be heard down in the tunnels, which may be the sounds of Ratman. The sound occurs whenever player goes down into the tunnels from the Storm Drain entrance.