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R.S.& L. Bows are a myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


They are a family butcher business in Vice City. The company stands second to the infamous Romero Butchers, which maintains its ground as the leading butcher company both in the game and among audiences, similar to the meat carcasses at Romero's, they can be seen in R.S. & L. Bows' service vehicles as well, making players to think about the connection between both the companies and a much more vague theory suggesting that they may supply cannibal meat. Unlike Romero's, they deliver their meat in the entire city, hinting that it maybe just another branch of the Romero's, wanting to sneak their meat off in the city without being suspected but this still remains a fan theory.



  • The company's slogan is a reference to masturbation.
  • The company's name, when spoken quickly, sounds like "arse and elbows." This references the common English saying "he doesn't know his arse from his elbows."


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