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The Question Mark in the Woods is a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


This myth is located in the eastern part of Back O' Beyond. There, if the player zooms with a camera or a sniper in a particular direction (towards the brown road on the map) by standing at the point shown on the map, a branch can be seen in the shape of a mirror-resized image of a question mark. There is actually a trunk of a tree lying below and a branch forming a question mark beside a tree. The branch forming the image is actually at a little distance from the trunk of a tree lying on the ground. It may take several attempts to see it as the texture of the branch sometimes may not load completely. Also, if the player is not in the correct position, then it may not be seen. The point at which the player should be is shown on the map (click on the map to see clearly). It is pretty hard to notice, though. 

A mirrored image is seen only if viewed from the south. An un-mirrored image can also be seen if viewed from the north. To see a mirrored image stand at the point shown on the map and view towards the south.

Possible Reasons for the existence of the Branch

The branch is at the southeastern part of Back O' Beyond towards a road leading to the area with trees. So the "question marked branch" may be there to welcome the player to this mysterious location as Back O' Beyond has many myths like Bigfoot, the Killer Cowboy, Ghost Cars, and many more.


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The Question Mark in the Woods - GTA SA Myth